personalized, customizable, configurable smart mobile health platform

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics Open Health Network enables rapid development of mobile health apps.

OHN's configurator empowers experts to create, maintain apps and content without programming.

OHN's rules engine is used to personalize each app for each patient.

OHN's chatbot provides patients with intuitive, friendly ways of communicating with apps and data.

OHN's predictive algorithms can detect adverse health events before they happen and notify people if needed.

Among other OHN's modules are: medications adherence, surveys, patients reported data gathering, gamification, recommendation, assessments, and more.

OHN customers are leading healthcare providers, researchers, patients advocacy groups, payers and pharma.

Sample Apps

My Cardiac Coach App

Lung Cancer App

Clients & Partners

  • New York University
  • American Heart Association
  • UCSF
  • Pragmatics
  • Lung Cancer Foundation
  • PheoParaTroopers
  • McGill
  • NYC Health Hospitals
  • Noven Pharmaceuticals

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